Tuesday, April 14, 2009


i am most definitely getting a tattoo when i can bare the pain..

Tuesday, April 7, 2009


i hav'nt posted in a while. i've been following the cobrasnake since 6th grade and i totaallly LOVE him and his pics. he's my fav. and  i love love love the selby. i cant wait till im older. being a kid is really bad nowadays.

anyways, all my pictures in my inspiration folder have been deleted. i've been going to the library lately. yeah

Saturday, February 28, 2009


sometimes i really like to pretend im being filmed, and my life is a movie. i do this at school sometimes. and i just did it about 30 seconds ago. i was sitting here at the computer, and i dropped an applei was eating.i fell off my chair, down to the ground. picked up my apple  and looked at it with the saddest and most worried face i could manage. i analyzed it for any dirt or hair or whatever gross stuff's on the floor . then i found a little fuzzy on my apple and dropped from my sitting position, to the most dramatic, my life is over, lying on the ground position. i laid there for a while holding my apple. then i got up and wrote this.

i read some post secrets. those are good.

i love/hate the weather right now. its 26 and looks very bland and beige. i hate the cold, but it would be fun to go outside if i was with someone.
 water scares me sometimes.

Friday, February 27, 2009

double c

lately i've been really into carrie bradshaw and cory kennedy's way of dressing. carrie's is so fun and everything she wear's looks fun to wear, but so is cory's in a different way.
today  i went to target and they have the cutest stuff in there go international collection, theres even i dress i might want to wear with these sam edelmen shoes for graduation . i cant find the dress online though 


i spent most of the day looking at all my favorites i saved from the spring looks, and some fall. here are some, actually here are more than some. Therese a bunch here

the first hello

im sydney and im 14. i love drawing and creating, fashion, music, cooking, and animals. i like to take snapshots of what i wear, and blog about what i love. im here to connect with people, and share my ideas. stay tuned ;)